Made in italy

It might be enough to write that Zooe‘s garments are 100% Made in Italy.

Being sincerely Made in Italy might already seem to be a guarantee in itself. It could already place our products in a commercial Olympus that guarantees quality. But we’ll let you in on a secret: Made in Italy is much more than “Made in Italy’” and if you are in this section of the website you might be interested to know why Zooe is truly 100% Made in Italy.

A recent survey carried out on a sample of people of different generations showed how the concept of Made in Italy is evolving in relation to what is happening around us: economic crises, pandemics, climate instability, political instability.

These elements that come into our daily lives change the way we buy and evaluate what we buy.

If generation B and X identified Made in Italy as a simple certification of quality, the following generations (Y and Z) seem to expect much more from a label that often tends to justify a commercial value far superior to fast-fashion with simple and immediate access enhanced by the large marketplaces to which we are becoming accustomed.

The new values of Made in Italy derive from this comparison:

– design, aesthetics and sense of beauty
– authenticity understood as history and manufacturing tradition and link with the territory
– uniqueness of the product, in terms of design, quality and craftsmanship

To these already important characteristics, the new generations add overwhelmingly:

  technological innovation
  environmental sustainability
–   social sustainability

 Did you expect all this to be inside the cumbersome and annoying “Made in Italy” labels?

ZOOE knows this and tries every day to be true to its label (even if you cut it off).

We work on the values of Made in Italy, every day, and we modify our commercial and production processes to be able to sell not only a beautiful product, but a communicative and sustainable one.

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