Brand zooe

The word VITA (-life) in ancient greek was translated into two different words/terms: BIOS (βιοσ) e ZOE (ζωη).

The two words, which in Italian are translated into the same noun, actually had diametrically opposite meanings in ancient times. βιοσ – “vita quam vivimus”:
the biological life that has a start and an end ζωη – “vita qua vivimus”:
the eternal life, the essence beyond gender and temporal life

From this term was born zooe and our mission is to interpret the essence of the modern
individual through quality, originality, and uniqueness of the accessories we produce.

zooe is what lives in you,
zooe embodies your personality and brings it out,
zooe talks about you,
zooe is life,
zooe is essence without ever being just appearance.

Even our idea of ​​unconventional packaging breaks the classic and traditional packaging canons of the market with the intention of going beyond the usual:
the zooe pack is green and is made from 100% eco-sustainable materials
the zooe pack is reusable as an everyday object and gives freedom of use to those who receive it.

The zooe pack is faithful to zooe because, in its sophisticated simplicity, it is nothing more than a polka dot which, as it stretches, becomes a stripe.